Daily Horoscope: May 1, 2022

The new moon eclipse marches on...
Robin Eisenberg

The new moon eclipse in Taurus meets with Uranus, the planet of surprises at 12:24 AM and there is a fated, unexpected turn of events! Have faith that whatever happens now is going to work out in the future. Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto at 6:37 AM, encouraging us to untangle imbalanced or unharmonious power dynamics in our emotions and relationships. The moon clashes with serious Saturn at 7:32 PM, calling us to act on a sense of duty and urge for boundaries. If that’s not harnessed, there is a chill out period to get lost in your fantasies as the moon gently connects with dreamy Neptune at 8:04 PM.


All times ET.

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The new moon eclipse in Taurus meets with Uranus, the planet of surprises, calling you to find sustainable, sturdy answers to things that are unpredictable or slippery. You’re making a focused, intentional step toward your long-term goals as the moon clashes with Saturn. Venus’s connection with Pluto shows how you can tap into some secret charms and tricks to hold influence.


If your energy is zapped, you can just tap out! The new moon eclipse put a lot on your plate, and the pleasant surprises just keep coming as the moon meets with Uranus. Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto, and you’re finding hidden resources to support your goals. Reach out to those in power.


There’s a lot happening behind the scenes and you’re finding ways to discuss it politely. The moon connects with Jupiter and Neptune, giving you the grace and time to create a public distraction while you figure things out in private. Take your time to feel it out.


You’re coming up with ideas for your future that you didn’t even think was possible until just now as the new moon eclipse meets Uranus, the planet of invention. Unprecedented circumstances have always led to new inventions, and this might be the Promethean spark to move you along. Venus connects with Pluto, inviting healing and understanding in relationships.



You’re taking a big step, and possibly a risk, as the new moon eclipse meets with Uranus, the planet of rebellion. Big risk, big reward! Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto and you’re able to devise a security net and backup plan that you can work toward incrementally.


The new moon eclipse in fellow earth sign Taurus has you feeling for the truth in the dark. You’re open to unconventional ideas and breaking out of old patterns of thought as the moon meets with Uranus. Venus connects with power planet Pluto, encouraging you to heal old patterns in relationships and friendships.


You’re not alone! The new moon in a very sensitive sector of your chart asks you to trust that you are supported and looked after by others. There can be a sense of loss as you give something away, but know that everything always comes back. Your planetary ruler Venus gently connects with Pluto, asking that you heal and feel some deeper, private emotions.


Relationships require trust. The new moon eclipse in your chart’s partnership sector ask you to really feel, intuitively, how secure you are in your interpersonal commitments. There is a reckoning with something wily as the eclipse meets with Uranus. Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto, guiding you through your romantic hang-ups and mental fixations.


The new moon eclipse welcomed a new lifestyle, whether that was a work routine, habit, or pet, into your space. Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto, asking you to heal your relationship to money and financial power. This can be a time when you are in touch with your feelings about money, greed, and corruption.



You’re connecting with your feelings about love, art, and social pleasures with the new moon eclipse. You’re open to doing something totally different as the moon meets Uranus. Venus connects with Pluto, encouraging you to open up about things that you’re stuck on and need help healing. Journaling or talking can get you through it.


There are some growing pains to deal with. The new moon eclipse meets with Uranus, planet of the unexpected, asking you to make peace with the unknown and trust yourself. The moon clashes with your planetary ruler, Saturn, pushing you to make a wise but cautious decision. Trust your experiences, but have hope for the future.


The new moon eclipse leaves you with many questions and curiosities to explore. This is a fabulous time to have a library card, or an internet connection, for some personal research. Venus gently connects with power planet Pluto, giving you a deeper understanding of what you want from the future, and how you relate to your friends and community.