Monthly Horoscope: Pisces, November 2023

Welcome to Scorpio season, dear Pisces!

See yourself through other people’s eyes as the sun faces off with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, on November 3. Peace and order can be found. There’s a strength and confidence to share what you think and believe with the world! It requires a balance of reality and idealism—and the idealistic and visionary side of your life is more pronounced as Venus faces off with Neptune, the planet of fantasy, that same day. This might stimulate confusion in your relationships—or the mystical quality in the air can crystallize into wonder and romance!


Saturn, the planet of structure, ends its retrograde in your sign on November 4, and reality and time awareness enter the picture. You might find yourself reckoning with personal and existential responsibilities. Conversations are buzzing and erratic as Mercury faces off with Uranus, the planet of invention, that same day. Though there’s a strange way of communicating, you can find a unique way to share your thoughts!

Relationships deepen as love planet Venus harmonizes with Pluto on November 6. Themes of sexuality, reproduction, and trust move your relationships, or your experience of them, toward an ultimate resolution. Poetic and imaginative communication flows as Mercury harmonizes with Neptune, also on November 6. This is an aspect for expressing feelings or nonverbal communication; clear details are not as important as the feeling.

Venus is in your chart’s house of shared resources and intimacy beginning November 8, bringing harmony to your financial life. The post-marital aspect of relationships, even non-marital ones, arises: How are we going to file taxes together? How do we share fairly? Gifts, grants, and scholarships are also favorable during this period. If  you’re writing an application, you can tap into the pulse and your resource pool as Mercury connects with Pluto, also on November 8, inspiring deep investigation.

You’re beginning a new chapter in how you define yourself in the public eye as Mercury enters Sagittarius. Your trades, skills, and labels are multifaceted, and now you see what it means on a greater scale. You take a swing at long-term goals as Mercury clashes with Saturn, also on November 10, asking you to take responsibility and accountability—but not without a sense of humor! Try to keep your mind calm as Mars faces off with Uranus on November 11, which can be like a shock to your adrenals. Reactions are fast and possibly pre-emptive.


Look out for wacky behaviors or acting out as the sun faces off with Uranus on November 13. Also on this day, there’s an extreme urge for reinvention and redefining your ideals as the new moon in Scorpio falls in your chart’s house of beliefs, higher knowledge, and travel. You may have an itch to reinvent yourself or try something new as the sun faces off with Uranus during the new moon in Scorpio on November 13. Emotional reactivity and impulsivity run high as the new moon meets Mars and faces off with Uranus. Conversations might be shocking!

You can make a good case for yourself and your career as Mercury connects with Venus on November 25. This is a creative aspect and expressing your feelings comes easily! You might also feel more comfortable with your cash flow, or asking for the material and emotional support you deserve.

You’re working your magic as Mars and the sun harmonize with your modern planetary ruler, Neptune, on November 17! This is a time to tap into your shape-shifting powers. You might make your vision more accessible or your beliefs easier to understand. Improvisation gets you far!

A new cycle concerning your education and your beliefs begins as the sun meets action planet Mars on November 18, bringing you insight into what motivates you. Themes of self-esteem and willpower come up; look out for spiritual and moral purity.

You can gain insights into the collective, and read deeper meaning into political movements as the sun connects with power planet Pluto on November 20. This understanding can empower you to make peace or speak with consideration of people’s weaknesses. Your ideas are magnetic and powerful, and you might find it easy to take lead within your community. You can be driven in a way that feels instinctual or physiological as Mars connects with Pluto on November 21. There’s a ruthlessness to your willpower when it comes to claiming your turf or accomplishing your goals. Remember to be gentle!

You’re ending the year on a beautiful note as the sun enters the highest sector of your chart on November 22. What you have accomplished is fully palpable. From this viewpoint, you can take a step toward living the life you want to remember. This might call you to change some aspect of yourself, to let your guard down, or to face your fears, as the sun clashes with Saturn on November 23.

Flamboyant energy and high spirits arrive with Mars in Sagittarius on November 24, helping you chase your passion and find your aim—but not without a sustained effort. You’re pushing for the long haul as Mars clashes with Saturn on November 25.

Thinking on your toes and making space for nuance is necessary as Mercury clashes with Neptune on November 27, the same day as the full moon in Gemini. There’s a dreamy and idealistic quality to communication that can easily lead to overlooking important details. If you’re doing something that requires detailed discernment, consider a proofreader or fact checker. Incisive debates emerge as the full moon faces off with passionate and righteous Mars. Try to have patience as we all try to figure things out.

Good luck Pisces, and see you in December!