Pilla B and the Late Yung Dubz' "GANG" Video Shows That Life Finds a Way

Their '6 AM' EP is a vital dispatch from the heart of Toronto's Rexdale neighborhood.
January 23, 2018, 4:46pm

Yung Dubz could have been a welcome new voice in the growing Rexdale, Toronto rap scene, but he sadly lost his life last spring. His musical partner Pilla B has slowly been releasing the material that he recorded with Dubz, its exuberance defiant in the face of tragedy. The pair released their 6 AM project last week, and it fulfills the promise of those loosies, a cohesive fusion of the crawling Toronto sound and Atlanta's shiny melodies.


The video for EP single "GANG" is another strong statement both visually and musically. The duo stunt on top of a toy-piano beat that rides walloping, distorted bass, the music recorded at OVO production mastermind Noah "40" Shebib's studios. The song and the project show that death isn't always the end, and that despair shouldn't last forever so long as you have those who are willing to ride with you no matter what. Watch the "GANG" video above and listen to 6 AM in its entirety below.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.