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Body Type's "Arrow" Will Strike You Right in the Heart

We're premiering the dreamy Sydney band's ridiculously fun new track "Arrow," their first single for Partisan Records and Inertia Music.

Sydney's Body Type make music that hits hard. "Ludlow," their first ever single, was and still is an absolute gut punch. "264," the track that followed, was the same. Last year's "Silver" will fuck you up too. They make good songs! And today they're back with a new ripper, "Arrow," as well as the news that they've signed to Inertia Music and Partisan Records!

In the vein of other Partisan-signed romantics like Cigarettes After Sex and Lontalius, "Arrow" finds Body Type thinking about love. ""Arrow" is about the prick of love," says vocalist and bass guitarist Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, "It's about being stung and the pleasure and pain that accompany being struck by Cupid's arrow."

The track is a bit more boisterous than the Body Type songs we've heard so far, rollicking along during the verses towards a chorus that turns into a spiky freak-out. The video, directed by Madeleine Purdy, is a riot, with the band striking down various terrified people with Cupid's arrow. Watch it above.

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