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Mac DeMarco Does Mac DeMarco on ‘Fallon’ with “One More Love Song”

"I'm telling you, this is going to win some awards," Fallon said, before handing over to a giggling, gurning DeMarco.

Mac DeMarco was the musical guest on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, performing "One More Love Song" from his latest album, This Old Dog. It was a perfect DeMarcoan (DeMarconian? DeMarcian?) performance, resisting sincerity with ironic ticks despite the weight of the track. Wearing a Mac DeMarco t-shirt tucked into his jeans, he swayed back and forth like a cross between Morrissey, Future Islands' Samuel T Herring, a parody crooner, and a drunk. He cackled in between phrases and threw his mic from hand to hand with an absurd grin, but never let his hushed phrasing waver. Like so much of This Old Dog, lyrics like "Another try, another go / Never thought you'd feel this low" are a little heavy. So, although he's been honest about the darkness behind his third studio album, he's still not going to throw himself into that earnestly. A bearded Fallon, for his part, predicted that the record is "going to win some awards." He's probably right, too. Watch the performance in full at the top of the page.


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