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Cityreal Respects the Grind of Vancouver Women in "See You in the Morning"

He doesn't forget to infuse it with a heavy dose of his hometown's local flavour, too.

No one loves Vancouver more than Cityreal, the rapper with a heart of gold and outsized ambitions. He tackled his hometown's prominent social issues last year with "Grow Op," and as he gears up for his project Lost in Vancouver, Noisey Canada is happy to premiere a new video for the single "See You in the Morning" that pays tribute to the nightly hustles of Van City's women. With a simple 808s-and-choirs boom as a backdrop, Cityreal reminisces on past relationships while the illustrations of local artist iHeart flash by, providing often humourous meta-commentary.


"This song and video were inspired by the women in Vancouver (more specifically, a few I've had relationships with) and the west coast Canadian way of life," Cityreal told Noisey. "In my opinion, Vancouver women are very unique and have this rare combination of beauty and hustle, moving from yoga and spin class all the way to upscale high-end styles and bottle service." Watch the "See You in the Morning" video above.

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