Pinegrove Cancels Tour Amid Accusations of "Sexual Coercion"

In a lengthy Facebook post, the band's singer Evan Stephens Hall expressed regret for his past actions.
November 21, 2017, 5:10pm
Photo by Douglas Mason for Getty Images

Pinegrove has cancelled their upcoming American tour dates. The announcement comes as part of a statement that frontman Evan Stephens Hall made on the band's official Facebook page today. The lengthy post addresses accusations of "sexual coercion" made by an unnamed woman towards Hall.

Hall details his "complicated" relationship with his accuser, who was apparently involved with someone else while also seeing Hall. He acknowledges that while he read the relationship as a mutual, romantic one, he now realizes that he "monumentally misread the situation."

Hall also apologizes for viewing Pinegrove fans as possible sexual partners ("i said that i could sense who from the crowd would be interested in sleeping with me based on how they watched me perform") and says he has been in therapy since November 15, adding that the band "will be taking some time off in general." Read Hall's entire statement below.

This is a developing story and we will update with more details as they emerge.