So Maybe Twitter's CEO Did Ask Azaelia Banks for a Magical Amulet?

Some old tweets from the rapper seem to align with a mention in a Vanity Fair piece on Jack Dorsey, and witchcraft is afoot.
December 18, 2018, 9:54pm
So Maybe Twitter's CEO Did Ask Azaelia Banks for a Magical Amulet
Photo credit: Manfred Werner (L), Burhaan Kinu/Hindustan Times via Getty Images.

In 2016 Azealia Banks tweeted that Twitter co-founder and extreme meditator Jack Dorsey sent her some of his hair so she could "make him an amulet for protection." Banks has a reputation for making outlandish statements on social media (and this one came during an especially prolific tweetstorm), so aside from a few music sites the claim was largely ignored by the broader media. But in a new Vanity Fair piece on the tech mogul, writer Nick Bilton mentions that a source of his once told him Dorsey had "sent a rapper his beard shavings to make him an amulet that would protect him from evildoers.” Bilton chose not to look into this random news tip, likely because it seems deranged and highly unbelievable.

But SPIN took that small aside in Bilton's piece and put two-and-two together, linking back to Banks's series of tweets calling out Dorsey for reneging on a promise to promote her mixtape, "Slay-Z," in exchange for the amulet and after he'd gotten her to promote his mobile card-payment app, Square. SPIN also reports that the amulet was allegedly made to protect Dorsey against ISIS, which had threatened him earlier that year. "I'm bout to hex this n****," she warned. "I'm a real witch with real clients, ppl PAY me for me services. He owes!"

Banks, of course, is a known witch. In 2016 she posted a video in which she cleans up what she says is chicken blood in a sacrificial closet room in her house. Banks has also casually threatened that she could set Lana Del Rey's house aflame with her powers, and told Broadly that her favorite spell is "the egg spell," which is when "You cleanse yourself with an egg, pass the egg all over yourself, praying for all your negativity to go away into the egg. Usually you do it when somebody’s fucking with you.”

That's not great news for Dorsey. Come to think of it, Twitter's nightmare task of trying to control seemingly endless misuse of the platform has only gotten worse since 2016. As Dorsey told CNN in August, they're "ready to question everything." He might want to also consider making amends with Banks and getting some sage.

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