Sahbabii Fuses Mario Kart and Taxonomy on "Marsupial Superstars"

Honestly, this song will teach you a lot about the different classes of wildlife.
May 26, 2017, 3:12pm

Sahbabii really enjoys animals. He proclaimed himself the literal king of the jungle on the incredible and soon-to-be-remastered SANDAS mixtape, lording over anacondas and other fauna. Now he takes his reign to new, absurd levels with a fresh, loopy banger entitled "Marsupial Superstars."

Beyond the cheerfully nostalgic, Mario Kart-referencing artwork, the song is frankly a trip, with guest T3 taking his falsetto into ungodly, reverb-swathed heights and Sah himself rapping various outlandish lines, including "I wanna fuck an amphibian." Yes, you heard what he said. The beat also totally sounds like the trademark Mario invincibility music, which really ties the whole thing together. Experience "Marsupial Superstars" below.

Phil is still 110% here for whatever the hell all of this is. He's on Twitter.