Gemini, August 2017
Illustration by Nicole Ginelli


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Gemini, August 2017

August brings drama, Gemini.

August opens with the Sun shining in Leo, the sign of royalty and stardom—so, appropriately, this will be one dramatic month. This is thanks to two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Let's see what August has in store for you, Gemini.

August opens with Jupiter in Libra, clashing with Pluto in Capricorn, on August 4. This is exciting for your love life (expect super hot intimacy) as well as your creative endeavors, Gemini; however, some tricky energy will be in the air.


Jupiter is the planet of growth—whenever Jupiter contacts another planet, it exaggerates that planet's qualities. Pluto is the lord of the underworld—it's shady, mysterious, a fantastic detective, and, sometimes, manipulative and hungry for control. Expect things to get ultra deep early this month, Gemini. Great gains could be made, but don't give too much of yourself away.

The lunar eclipse in fellow Air sign Aquarius arrives August 7. Expect intense realizations and endings. A hard conversation is likely, Gemini, but trust that it's for the best.

Eclipses are exhausting and emotional—often, while we're going through them, we feel like our world is falling down. Once they pass, though, and things settle down, we often see that things have worked out for the best. Eclipses, no matter how brutal, lead us to our destiny. That's their purpose!

Your ruling planet, Mercury, begins its retrograde on August 12, in Earth sign Virgo, which will find you running late, dealing with miscommunication, and, emotionally, finding old memories resurfacing—nostalgia will be heavy! A story (or secret) from your deep past may be discovered. If you haven't given your family a call in a while, now's a good time to do so!

Mercury retrograde is a bad time to make commitments or sign contracts, so avoid those if you can, Gemini. Ditto for traveling or buying expensive items. Make the best of Mercury retrograde by taking things slow; focus on old projects and conversations instead of starting new ones.


I haven't met a Gemini yet who didn't have a pile of projects to return to—due to their tendency to multitask. I'm sure you have something to work on, or a phone call you're meant to return!

Mercury retrograde is especially hard for you, Gemini, because Mercury is your planetary ruler, making you extra sensitive (and foggy-headed) during the retrograde. Fortunately, supportive vibes will flow around communication, and your partnerships, on August 13. The Sun in Leo makes a lovely connection with Saturn in Sagittarius—even though Mercury retrograde means things are in flux, check in with the people you partner with.

The solar eclipse in Leo lands August 21, bringing big reveals, so watch for important messages. While the first eclipse brought endings, during this eclipse (although it will be dramatic as hell—it is in Leo, after all), you'll experience a new beginning. However, you might have a hard time envisioning what this new beginning will bring. Trust your intuition, Gemini!

If you're in the mood to cast a spell, this eclipse is a great time to do so. Focus on being heard or understood, delivering a message, or having news delivered to you. Or simply sharpen your mental acuity (or your psychic abilities). Candle magick is a fantastic choice since this eclipse is in Fire sign Leo. If you connect with crystals, citrine and amethyst are wonderful choices.

Virgo season kicks off August 22, bringing plenty of focus to your home and family life. Emotionally, the Sun in Virgo will inspire you to reflect on privacy and security. Find ways to get grounded—like spending time in nature, or picking up a meditation practice. Use the energy during Virgo season.

On August 25 (or 26, if you're on the East Coast), Venus enters Leo, soon followed by Mercury in Leo (on August 31). Charming, seductive Venus in Leo will help you sweet-talk anyone you need to, Gemini. Expect conversations from July to come back around now that Mercury is retracing its steps through Leo.

Good vibes flow in your relationships when Jupiter makes a supportive connection with Saturn on August 27. Lucky planet Jupiter, in fellow Air sign Libra, is bringing blessings to the sector of your chart that rules romance and creativity. Saturn, the planet of stability and structure, is in Sagittarius, activating the sector of your chart that rules partnerships. So connect with the people you care about! Have a great month, Gemini, and see you in September.