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So, What Do Bitcoins Look Like?

Bitcoin voucher service Bit4coin just launched a new photo contest to define the image of modern cryptocurrency.
GIF by Hakim, used with permission from Bit4coin and contestants

Any journalist who has covered Bitcoin or other crytocurrencies will tell you that finding fresh Bitcoin images is a frustrating enterprise. The same photos turn up time and again on various articles, and no one wants to deal with the photographic cheese found on stock image libraries like Shutterstock.

Enter Bit4coin, a Bitcoin voucher service, which just launched the Bitcoin Photo Contest to alleviate this very problem. In true crypto-fan fashion, Bit4coin says it's a way of giving back to the community. Not surprisingly, the prizes will be handed out in Bit4coin vouchers.


Image by Sandro Leva, used with permission from Bit4coin and contestants

There are three ways to participate. In the first, contestants can submit their Bitcoin photos to get a shot at up to $1,100 in Bitcoin. Another means of participation is by voting on favorite images and artists with “likes.” And the third way is by tipping artists in Bitcoin independent of prize money.

Image by Nadin, used with permission from Bit4coin and contestants

The submission process is simple, and users retain full rights to their images. Bit4coin says that all of the images are reviewed and posted in its gallery within 24 hours.

Image by Raul, used with permission from Bit4coin and contestants

“The idea is to show interesting, original photographs and artwork by and for the bitcoin community,” Bit4coin notes on its website. “Examples could be photographs of people using bitcoin, bitcoin spottings at interesting places, or bitcoin paintings.”

Image by Punggawa, used with permission from Bit4coin and contestants.

The contest deadline is October 15th, so if you’re thinking of submitting, better do it fast. The contest’s judges vote October 21st on the winning images.


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