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Watch a Flash-Frozen Bouquet Bloom to Electro-Folk Music

It's a frozen treat for the eyes in grade die.'s video for Alice Rose's "Last Happy End."
November 28, 2015, 1:30pm
Images courtesy the artists

For an expert example of the slow-burn reveal, look no further than German production house grade die.'s gorgeous macro extrapolation of the still life in their music video for Danish electro-folk artist Alice Rose's "Last Happy End." The puzzling concoction of trip-hop beats, acoustic strumming, and Rose's breathy croon mirrors the mysterious journey filmmakers Lenny Grade and Christian Diekmann convey. An Azuma Makoto-style frozen bouquet blooms into full sight, just as Rose herself opens up both vocally and instrumentally at the end of the song.


"A monitored heartbeat pulsates slowly until it peacefully falls asleep," Grade explains the concept to The Creators Project. "The life of a beloved one has reached its end. And while fading away a new memory is born preserving all of its beauty. Like flowers frozen in ice." The duo spent four months perfecting the flower-icing process, and wound up shooting in Grade's own bedroom, since the ice would melt if they took it outside. Check out some behind-the-scenes images for a peek into their process, and watch "Last Happy End" below:

See more of grade die.'s work on their website. Hear more Alice Rose here.


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