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Internet Artist Turns Coffee Into Watercolors

Guilia Bernadelli’s coffee art is not your average cup of Joe.
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You might enjoy coffee for its energizing capabilities or its taste, but for Giulia Bernardelli, a daily cup of Joe has much more to offer. The Italy-based painter uses the black gold to provide a mystical effect much more vibrant than standard materials like acrylic and watercolor.

"I started using coffee, less than a year ago, when I accidentally spilled a cup of coffee," Bernardelli told The Creators Project. "Suddenly, but perhaps logically, a new world appeared in front of my eyes, made of beautiful, uncatchable shades, one different from the other."


Like paint, the coffee functions in a similar manner when responding to light and volume. But the properties familiar to spilling coffee on notebook paper such as the stain blotting capture the unique sensuality of the substance. Bernarndelli uses other organic matter such as fruits and jams that offer a starkness of color and life that contrast a white canvas background.

The fact that someone will wolf down the fruit afterwards or be forced to throw away the honey-soaked canvas adds a sense of temporality to the works. But the spontaneity and the ephemeral essence understood in these picture makes it more magical for Bernardelli.

See more of Guilia Bernardelli's work on Instagram @bernulia.


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