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Wine Flows Through the Veins of This Creepy-Cool Carafe

A working part of your home's 'Central Naples-fermented System.'
All photos courtesy Etienne Meneau

Wine aficionados and fans of spooky home decor are in a for a special treat: A blown glass carafe that looks like a web of human veins can now be the centerpiece of your liquor cabinet. The clever, eye-catching container mimics the flow of blood when red (or sparkling pink) liquid is poured down its branching tubes. Though slightly morbid, the carafe is beautiful, going for playfulness as well as shock factor.


Etienne Meneau is the mind behind the wine holder, naming her intravenous sculptures Strange Carafes. Fragile yet capable of freely standing on their own, the vessels come in a variety of forms—from forked, linear designs to twisty masses of rounded tubes. Each structure is created from borosilicate glass, and most can hold the volumetric contents of one bottle of wine.

The curvilinear sculptures are guaranteed to be a hit with upstart sommeliers who seem to have more wine than blood coursing through their veins.

To order your very own Strange Carafe, get in touch with Etienne Meneau on her website.


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