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In This Show, the Paintings Are on the Palettes

A group show brings together the first and final stages of painting on one common surface.

Amber Lia-Kloppel. All images courtesy the artists and The Lodge Gallery.

It’s often a not-so-simple task to pinpoint when an artist’s work finds its stride and comes into its own. Artists keep their personal sets of tools and their own technical skills, but a unifying basis from where art stems is the platform for planning—such as the artist’s palette. A breath-taking display of artistic styles, as well as a glimpse behind the curtain, comprises a new show where the paintings themselves are on palettes.


Intimacy figures prominently into Point of Origin, at The Loge Gallery through November 13, drawing in viewers to connect with each artist’s process as formative colors meld with hyper-detailed final products. Stylistically, the show is an immersive dive into classical painting. High-level skills carve out the striking features of human subjects, and trained eyes in depth and light draw out sensational three-dimensional effects.

Kiernan Ingram.

The backdrops of oblong wooden palettes effectively unveil the many struggles and second thoughts that lead up to an artist completing her masterpiece. Moreover, the wood-grain painter's tools are well-worn, seemingly relics of another time, though their unorthodox usage imparts a decidedly contemporary feel.

Denis Sarazhin working on his palette painting, one of 50 in the exhibit Point of Origin

Filled with superior technique, Point of Origin is at its core a personal invitation by the artists—what is more intimate than viewing the building blocks and hidden machinery to the pièce de resistance of a lifetime of work? A palette is perhaps the one piece of evidence indicative of an painter's process outside of early sketches or discarded supplies.

Denis Sarazhin 

Dina Brodsky

Beth Sistrunk

Study for Dancing Sunyata, Anna Mogilevsky. Oil on wooden palette

John Wellington

Cory Morgenstein

Nicolas V. Sanchez

Joshua Henderson

Alonsa Guevara

Point of Origin showcases 50 unique artists, including Marshall JonesChristian FagerlundAmber Lia-KloppelKieran IngramMiles YoshidaCorey “Oda” PoppKit KingNicolas V. Sanchez, and many others. The massive show is curated by Dina Brodsky and Trek Lexington. To find more information on Point of Origin, visit The Lodge Gallery’s website, here. The exhibit will run until November 13, 2016 in New York City.


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