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Find Your Spirit Animal in These Candy-Colored GIFs

TJ Fuller's trippy GIF art is a zoo of psychedelic creatures.
Images courtesy the artist

A tripped-out animal kingdom of candy-colored goodness awaits you in the GIFs of animator, filmmaker, and iPad Games for Cats designer, TJ Fuller. Dead-eyed dogs fly on tri-colored wings, turquoise penguins slide down an endless mountainside, and a rainbow herd of deer gallops on, oblivious to the quiver of arrows that pierce them. "Digital art is often seen as cold, calculated, stiff and unnatural," Fuller explains to The Creators Project. "But the more I embrace CG to make art, the more I find that it is as organic as traditional materials like paint and clay."


During the making of his tiny dreamworlds in Maya and After Effects, he explains, "Accidents constantly happen and glitches occur. Using animals, which are creatures very far removed from technology, I am trying to explore this digital language in [the] GIF format."

Check out more of TJ Fuller's creatures below:

Explore Fuller's other work on his website.

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