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Decorate Your Walls with Art from the Set of 'Mad Men'

Now your place can look as tasteful as Roger Sterling's office.
August 3, 2015, 7:50pm

Images courtesy Screenbid

In the wake of Mad Men's final season earlier this year, the show's legendary sets are being cleaned out once and for all. Now, superfans can rejoice because the props are being put up for auction on authenticated movie prop site, Screenbid. Decorate the walls of your apartment with the Japanese lithographs that notoriously adorned Bert Cooper’s office, or Roger Sterling’s contemporary, abstract paintings—you can even own the painfully literal duck prints from Herman “Duck” Phillips’ office.


Below, peruse a few of our favorites from the Mad Men characters' art collections, and find your own on the Screenbid auction site.

Joan’s Ceramic Clown in Frame

Bert’s Framed Painting on Paper

Don’s Apartment Painting

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