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The Beyoncé Skyscraper Shows Off Its Curves

Elenberg Fraser's design is simply ***Flawless.

Beyoncé’s bodacious body has inspired a skyscraper in Melbourne, Australia. For the project, architecture firm Elenberg Fraser took inspiration from Bey’s “Ghost” music video from her 2013 self-titled album. The skyscraper, formally titled the “Premier Tower,” will be located near Melbourne’s central business district and feature luxury apartments, retail spaces and hotel rooms. Investors are putting $300 million toward the Premier Tower's construction—$50 million more than the bootylicious Queen Bey's own $250 million estimated net worth at the time of posting. It is estimated that the voluptuous 68-story building will take around 40 months to construct and is anticipated to become a flawless (we had to) addition to Melbourne’s city skyline.


See more from Elenberg Fraser on their website.

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