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Photographer Makes Houses Fly in Surreal Photo Series

Defy physics with new images from Laurent Chéhère's 'Flying Houses' series, currently on display at Muriel Guépin Gallery.
Nature Morte / Still Life. Images via

Photographer Laurent Chéhère’s Flying Houses are more than just vehicles straight out of Pixar's Up—they're blank canvases upon which the artist tells strange and fantastic stories. In the new update to his collection of uprooted buildings, which we originally featured back in 2012, Chéhère zooms into the animals and humans who hang around his levitating edifices, from a chimpanzee in a top hat on the roof of a bleeding building, to a downtrodden clown levitating atop a circus tent.


Chéhère is currently showcasing old and new works at the Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York till February 22. “The charming manipulated images, part digital, part analog depict a dreamlike world where his reconstructed houses appear to float in a silvery sky,” says the gallery on their site.

Check out some new and old images from Flying Houses below:

Detail of Nature Morte / Still Life


Cirque/Circus detail

Rouge/Red, 2015

Detail of Rouge/Red, 2015

La grande illusion / The great illusion

Detail of La grande illusion / The great illusion

Who are you?

Detail of Who are you?

Via My Modern Met


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