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Slow Factory Makes Cosmic Scarves From Space Satellite Photos

These open-sourced scarves are out of this world—literally!
April 25, 2014, 7:55pm

While we all know and love Captain Kirk's coiffure, the idea of fashion that exists anywhere outside the Earth's atmosphere is restricted to images of bulky space suits, Chelsea boots, and, often enough, velour. Despite NASA's attempts to crowd-source their designspiration for new spacewear, the fact remains: William Shatner never called it, "Space: the fashion frontier."

One independent design label is boldly going where only a handful of designers have gone before: snagging designs from open-sourced NASA images, Slow Factory make sustainably-produced silk scarves that have us seeing stars.


From Slow Factory designer Celine Semaan Vernon:

I learned a lot from working with the open-knowledge, open-source movement and how it allowed people to connect to one another. Inspired by NASA’s publicly-available satellite images and by collaborating with other artists, our nebula and supernova collections were created to be a reminder of how we can find beauty and connection in the cosmos.

Now that I’ve made a home in New York, the bright city lights make it harder to see the stars. But if I can help people feel a little more connected with our cosmic silk prints, I will be happy knowing that I’ve made a small impact in a really big way. 

Below, check out more atmospheric images from the Permanent Collection at Slow Factory:

Get your hands on these out-of-these-world designs and more from Slow Factory, or in the Slow Factory store on the Spring app.

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