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Germany's Jérôme Boateng Administers a Sinister Volley Against Slovakia

Jérôme Boateng delivers a picture-perfect touch to send the ball past the defense.

From the person who brought you the tournament's greatest save off the line (or maybe… ever?), comes perhaps the volley of the tournament. Ok, maybe the second-best volley of the tournament, but still. Jérôme Boateng is here to let you know that he's the master of the goal on both ends.

In today's Round of 16 matchup between Germany and Slovakia, Toni Kroos sent in a corner kick for Germany that received some decent clearance by Slovakia—would that Boateng weren't there to slather on one of the nastiest volleys you'll see in a minute. You can't emphasize enough the delicacy of touch that move requires. I have a lot of files in my giffing folder labeled "Boateng." Reflectively, he's taking up a lot of memory at this tournament as well.




Germany had a chance to go up 2-0 with a penalty kick around the 13th minute, where Ozil went right and was saved by a spectacular dive from the Slovakian keeper. But Slovakia could only deny Germany for so long, as Mario Gomez was the recipient of a bit of end line mastery with the assist from Julian Draxler. Gomez is now tied with Jurgen Klinsmann at five as the German player with the most Euro goals. Bravo.


Boateng wouldn't come away as the only volley master, as Julian Draxler would exhibit some kung fu mastery over the ball, kicking it high-to-high into the net. Glorious.

Maybe Germany should consider starting this Draxler fellow over Gotze from here on out? Germany handily takes Slovakia 3-0 at full time.

Also, this:

Please not again…

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