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Stephen A. Smith "Hearing" Tom Brady Destroyed His Phone

Stephen A. Smith is hearing Tom Brady's phone was destroyed. Maybe! He doesn't know.
July 28, 2015, 4:20pm

Stephen A. Smith went on Barnum & Bailey's First Take this morning and said that his sources were telling him that Tom Brady's four-game suspension was going to be upheld within the next 24-48 hours. There are several NFL-water-carrying reasons for this according to Smith, including the unquestionable and divine power of Roger Goodell. But he also snuck another reason in: Tom Brady destroyed his phone. Maybe! He's only "hearing" that, he doesn't actually know.

Much has been made of Tom Brady's cellphone, and his refusal to let the NFL paw around his personal device to determine whether or not Brady and two ball boys conspired to deflate footballs. Much less has been made of how ridiculous it is to assume a person should just hand over his personal property for some hackneyed, face-saving investigation and then when he refuses, having that serve as some sort of justification for his punishment. The phone doesn't matter. If Stephen A. Smith's hearing is accurate, all this means is that the NFL feels it needs a better justification than it's own comprehensive investigation and report to punish Tom Brady. And the best they could come up with is a cellphone.