Check Out This Monster Cricket Shot For Which I'm Sure There's An Actual Term

Chris Lynn hit a massive sixer that hit the stadium roof.
January 11, 2017, 11:02pm

The 2016 holiday season isn't over just yet. We just unwrapped the gift of this absolute ripper of a shot. It came off the cricket bat of Chris Lynn on December 30. Playing for the Brisbane Heat in the KFC Big Bash League (which somehow seems way less unctuous coming from Down Under), Lynn crushed the ball. Bowled in at 148-kilometers-an-hour (92 mph for us American types), Lynn sent it back out onto the Gabba stadium roof. It traveled 125-meters (that's 410-feet in 'Murican), an absolute moonshot in cricket.

"A very big hit normally travels close to or a little over 100m, and very few go out of stadiums," says Garfield Robinson, a writer for Cricbuzz out of Louisiana. "Chris Lynn has been in particularly good form recently and is a master at hitting sixes, which are the maximum hits in the game."


Lynn's six-run bomb came in a win over the Hobart Hurricanes and their big bat, Brendon McCullum. Here's the game report from ESPN's Alex Malcolm:

"Set 174 to win, McCullum and Lynn made light work of the chase with some extraordinary striking. The duo were brought together at 1 for 9 in the second over and lit up the Gabba. They put on 109 runs in just 53 balls before McCullum holed out.

Lynn kept going to finish unbeaten for the second straight match, and struck consecutive sixes to run the total down with 22 balls to spare.

The Hurricanes were never in the hunt as 173 was well under par on a superb batting surface. Some excellent bowling from Mark Steketee and Samuel Badree upfront reduced the visitors to 3 for 42, and they lost wickets at regular intervals thereafter."

I'll cop to being a guy who sees the world in miles-per-hour and feet. I don't know what any of that means. As an Ugly American, however, game recognizes game when it comes to the art of trash-emoting. Here's Malcolm again:

"Lynn raised the stakes with the biggest hit of the tournament off Shaun Tait, hitting him out of the ground with a strike that was measured at 125 metres. He winked at McCullum moments after it sailed over the Gabba roof."

Robinson notes that Lynn's blast is not equivalent to an MLB Grand Slam in terms of scoring impact, as even in the shorter three-hour Big Bash format, a team might score upwards of 200 runs. In terms of sheer jaw-dropping power, however… Well, our new favorite sports dude nearly hit the Wild Thing into the Outback.

We'd apologize for that probably inaccurate American wisecrack, but Aussies have taken to using the #Lynnsanity hashtag, so let's call it even.

"It was a huge hit," says Robinson.

Doesn't matter what side of the planet, watching a ball take off into orbit unites us all. Happy New Year.