This story is over 5 years old.


Mariners Fan Tries to Catch Foul Ball by Throwing Tub Full of Popcorn at It

A Mariners fan tried to catch an Eduardo Nunez foul ball by throwing a full tub of popcorn at it.

It didn't work but, really, the degree of difficulty on a move like that is through the roof so let's just applaud his gusto. It did make for some fun times in the stands, however. If you squint your eyes really close it almost looks like a delightful scene in a snow globe, except with a salty treat instead of whatever gross chemicals are in those globes. Amazingly, no one seemed upset that some dude in pink decided to throw popcorn all over the place. Instead, they all enjoyed the experience and took the opportunity to laugh while they could.


Eduardo Nunez, the man who hit the foul ball, soon doubled and the Twins added two more runs that inning. They would hang on to beat Seattle 8-5.