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Make Your Bed, Lie in it, and Listen to These New Grouper Tracks

Liz Harris returns with two tracks of unrelenting beauty.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK. 

Finding something perfect is difficult. There's always a fault, some kind of minor defect that can take away from perfection. Grouper doesn't have this problem. Over nine albums, there's a rare sense Liz Harris' music has emerged from beneath the earth, where it's pondered over mass expanses of time, creating a supreme feeling that captures the flashes of negligence and beauty of what it means to be human.

Today Grouper releases a new 7". Titled Paradise Valley and it's available to purchase here. The two tracks are called "Headache" and "I'm Clean Now." It could probably be worth us explaining what they sound like, but describing new music from Grouper is like writing poetry about a lonely, yet beautiful waterfall. It's possible, but the experience itself trumps any description. Listen below, or save for later, for it is destined there will come a moment this Winter when these two tracks are exactly what you need.

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