BYU Quarterback Hurdles Texas Defender For Touchdown


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BYU Quarterback Hurdles Texas Defender For Touchdown

Taysom Hill caps of 30-yard TD run by hurdling the final Texas defender.
September 7, 2014, 2:05am

BYU quarterback Taysom Hill scored from 30 yards out and earned some style points in the final five, leaping over Texas defensive back Dylan Haines. On second-and-eight from the Texas 30, Hill dropped back and felt pressure almost immediately, so he took off. He scrambled his way down to the five-yard line where he had one last defender to avoid for the touchdown and rather than engage him, he just jumped right over him.

As the third quarter winds down BYU has a 27-0 lead and Texas just can't get anything going. The Cougars have 24 first downs to the Longhorns' seven. While the passing game has been relatively evenly matched, Texas has mustered only 33 yards on the ground to BYU's 219. Add Hill's clowning and it's shaping up to be a rough night in Austin.

Here's a GIF for your enjoyment: