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You Should Definitely Watch Jimmy Prime, Donnie, and Smoke Dawg's Team-Building Video for "Humana"

This is the rap version of a Shonen Jump series.

Jimmy Prime is a noted anime fan, so it shouldn't be surprising to learn that he understands the value of creating a shounen-styled party to take on your foes. He, along with fellow Toronto rappers Donnie and Smoke Dawg, have combined to give us the incessantly catchy "Humana." With the always reliable and rugged production of Murda Beatz as their terrain, the three tackle screamed hooks and sung verses in the same fashion as your favourite anime hero flies through the air to battle their foes. Trust us, that's what it sounds like. Watch "Humana" below.


Phil thought this song was about 'Deus Ex' when he first heard it. He's on Twitter.