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Milosh (of Rhye) Brings in Clark For an Hypnotic Remix

Plus words from the crooner on his new solo album and why he started singing in the first place.
November 26, 2014, 3:16am

You've surely been seduced by Rhye's stupendous and aptly titled debut album Woman. It's landscape of lush curvature and tones are propelled bythe vocals and production work by singer Milosh. While he's found great acclaim via his work with Rhye, Toronto-born Michael Milosh's creative vision spreads far past the sultry electronica R&B of the band.

Just last year, the artist put out another in a series of solo efforts, an electronically-focused full length album entitled Jetlag. He's also released an impressive three solo albums prior to the latest release as well as lent his croons to the likes of DJ Koze tracks.Now the LA-based artist he's gearing up to release a remix EP to the album, with two stellar mixes from techno producer Clark, and A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed Muhammad.


Milosh considers his record with Rhye and latest solo effort as Milosh as two halves to his artistic soul, both of which are meant to compliment one another sonically as well as lyrically. "They represent two sides of the same emotion—Jetlag is a more experimental record with a little less emphasis on the vocals—in other words it has more secrets and is less obvious," Milosh tells THUMP.


The producer claims the differences in process between his solo and Rhye efforts boil down to a few musical shifts, as well a shift in mental attitude. "I love experimenting for hours on end with soundscapes which is basically a big part of my writing process with Milosh, with Rhye I just really wanted to write some traditional songs with proper verses and choruses."

While the production on his Rhye work leans more towards organic sounds than his latest solo effort, Milosh stresses his relationship with production methods found in dance music as an important aspect to his successful formula: "I love utilizing the tools available in electronic production and melding them with songs that are not by design, for the dance floor. I have always considered myself an electronic producer, I just starting singing as it just felt right."

Stream Clark's Remix of Milosh's "Do You What I Need" above and head to Bandcamp for the full release. 

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