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Brazilian Bass Wizard Cybass Releases 'Altered Carbon'

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June 25, 2014, 9:10pm

You've probably never heard of Cybass, unless you were in with the São Paulo drum'n'bass scene in which he moved in the early 00s or have been following his latest ventures with Beatwise Recordings. In between playing Miley Cyrus remixes and jungle sets in Game of Thrones T-shirts, he's also been producing singles and collaborations which show his continued musical evolution.

On June 30th, Cybass – born Glauber Barreto – will be launching his second EP, Altered Carbon, this time through the Brit label Lost Tribe Records. The EP mixes the elements that make up his past career, drum'n'bass, jungle, breakbeat and dub, to come up with something unique, with a rhythm of its own. While last year's EP, Hop It!, was trap-based, Altered Carbon opens itself up to a more abstract, and even industrial structure. We talked to Glauber about the EP's production process, sci-fi literature and, we couldn't help it, Game of Thrones.


THUMP:Do you begin with a theme for your albums/EPs or do you make the tracks first and then see how/if they fit?
Cybass:After 15 years in the business, this is only my second EP. Back when I was working with d'n'b, the thing was to launch singles on vinyl. My method was pretty much the same though, I had a lot of free time so I would do several tracks in one go. But my style was more melodic back then, it was more about the mood. Today it's more about aesthetics for me, kinda like a designer. I try to give all the tracks the same sound, the same feel.

What's the theme behind Altered Carbon? Is it inspired by the cyberpunk book?
I love sci-fi, especially cyberpunk. I know the book and a good chunk of the plot/story, but I've never read it. The truth is I was looking for something with the word carbon or about carbon for the title track, which takes a lot from old school jungle and hardcore, which is the genre that spawned everything we call or know as bass music. Just like carbon, it's the essential element, the building block of life. Then I remembered the book and it clicked. It was Michel's idea (Lost Tribe boss) to call the EP that too.

Have you read Game of Thrones, or do you just watch the show? Why do you think you're so hooked?
I've never read it, but I can't stop watching it. Geez man, GOT is addictive! I think it's because the show is so richly detailed: the script is excellent, the sets, the costumes. It deserves our dedication. I never watched TV series before GOT, now I watch loads! I haven't read the book. With adaptations, I prefer to watch first and the read the book. It always adds something more, it fits more. If you do it the other way round, you feel there's something missing.

Have you ever made a video based on a book? Would you like to?
Never, but I'd love to! But I'm kinda megalomaniac, so I end up ignoring some of these more expensive ideas. I also haven't met someone who'd be interested in doing it. That would be great!

Oh, you dig that bass?
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