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Tornado Wallace Is A Force Of Nature

Tornado Wallace brings a trail of destruction to our THUMP Party at the Lounge.

Unlike tropical storms, tornadoes are not traditionally named. The anonymous columns of air are instead given a rating by the damage they cause. For this there's the Enhanced Fujita Scale and the TORRO scale. Words like strong, significant, and intense are used to describe the larger ones. It's clear that if Tornado Wallace was a meteorological phenomenon these are the same adjectives we'd be using. But thankfully for everyone living in the Melbourne metro area Tornado Wallace is instead a musical phenomenon: a DJ, producer, tour promoter and party starter otherwise known as Lewie Day.


As every storm chaser knows, it's hard to keep up with the trail of destruction. Tornado Wallace has just spent time touring the US and Europe following from a legendary set at Golden Plains festival in March. He returned in time to see the infamous dance institution C Grade celebrate its 6th Birthday at the Mercat Cross last weekend. And in between these gigs and working on the Animals Dancing parties, there's been just enough time to lay the groundwork for several releases. Lewie's new EP on Melbourne label ESP Institute is due out next month, and keep a careful look out for the his new Coober Pedy University Band 12" with Tom Moore of Otologic. It's the debut release of the newly formed Animals Dancing label, and it's a powerful dancefloor tribute to the native Kookaburra, merry, merry king of the bush.

Tornado Wallace brings all of this music, mayhem and more to Lounge on Thursday for THUMP's June party. He plays alongside Perfume Production and Jake Blood.

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