Hitler Toast Leads to Jail Time for German Drug Dealer

If you're dealing large quantities of meth, avoid burning images of the Nazi leader into bread and posting photos on the internet, k?
March 8, 2017, 10:00pm

Sven Pohl, 37, is facing charges in Germany for "heavy drug trafficking" after being found with massive quantities of methamphetamine and marijuana. But that's not the real story here. The thing is, he might have gotten away with it—were it not for his hobby of producing Nazi-themed breakfasts.

Authorities became interested in Pohl after he posted pictures to Facebook of piles of toast that he had managed to brand with the likeness of Hitler, as well as memes displaying a fondness for the fuehrer.

The images violated Germany's post-war laws against the public display of Nazi propaganda, among the strictest in the world. Unfortunately for Pohl, when the authorities raided his house in Dresden they found much more than a Nazi troll with a knack for customizing toasters; they found evidence of an extensive drug distribution scheme.

Pohl, has an extensive rap sheet already—he had been charged with buying and distributing 1.3 kilograms of crystal meth and 64 kilos of marijuana in 2014 — but he had been denying the most recent charges against him. Now, it looks like he has had to change his tune thanks to his girlfriend who has decided to provide evidence to the authorities. Pohl is also facing charges for posting pictures of Nazis and Nazi symbols.

In the end, all is not totally lost for Pohl. He will now at least have something in common with his hero, Adolf Hitler. They are both—forgive us—toast.