The Spring/Break Art Fair Is Filled with Awesome and Weird Creative Works


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The Spring/Break Art Fair Is Filled with Awesome and Weird Creative Works

Photographer Maggie Shannon visited curators and artists during preview night of the idiosyncratic art fair in Times Square.

Spring/Break kicked off Armory Arts Week on Tuesday with a lively and crowded opening at the former Conde Nast building in Times Square. One hundred and fifty curators premiered new artwork by more than 400 artists under the theme "Black Mirror." Some of the work took on a political stance and all of it was a little weird and surprisingly functional, especially if you need a haircut by Eve Sussman. Below are portraits of both curators and artists from this year's roundup:


Artist Cosmo Vinyl, in his room "Cisco Kid vs Donald Trump"

Artist Anthony Hayden

Work by artist Anthony Hayden

Artist Daapo Reo

Artist Leah Piepgras

Artist Serra Victoria Bothwell

Artist Adam Mignanelli in front of his work

Work by Adam Mignanelli

Artists Andrea Wolf and Karolina Ziulkoski in their room, Future Past News

Caroline Tilleard of Cuvas Tilleard Projects

The Skin We Are In with works by Brendan Fernandes, Pryce Lee, Andrea Mary Marshall, Shantell Martin, Kristin McIver and Cleo Wade, curated by Emie Diamond and Anne Huntington

Work by Liz Collins

Artist LeRone Wilson and his work Ancestral Hive

"The Pursuit of It" Hein Koh, Signe Pierce, Robin F. Williams and Hiba Schahbaz. Pictured is artist Christina Papanicolaou

"The Pursuit of It" Still life painting by Robin F. Williams.

Take Us Lying Down by artists Lisa Levy and Paul Gagner

Artist Sean Fader in front of his work 365 Profile Pics curated by Denny Gallery

Michael Scoggins's piece in American/Woman curated by Katharine Mulherin

Artist Tiffany Smith

Work by Tiffany Smith

Artist Joey Frank in room 2370, Head Light, curated by Rachel Rossin and Toni Ann Fernandez

Artist Archie Lee Coates IV5

I Was Thinking About Everything and Then Again I Was Thinking About Nothing by artist Tamara Santibañez

Artist Azikiwe Mohammed