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Wiccans Return With a New Track of Stout and Melodic Hardcore

The Austin, Texas band have just dropped a new track from their upcoming third album.

In 2011 Denton, Texas band Wiccans released their debut LP Skullduggery, a wildly inventive hardcore record that mixed tough and stout vocals over a more rocking KBD-style punk sound.

The band have since relocated to Austin but their mixture of burly melody, that balances power and punk craziness has gone on to influence and inspire a host of other bands from San Antonio to Sydney.

They're the kind of hardcore punk band that you know are well versed in classic rock, noise, metal and psych, and aren't afraid to bring a mixture of styles to the party.


They've just released "Automaton" from their third LP to be released on Dull Tools, the label co-operated by Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage, who used to play guitar for the band.

Opening with a guitar buzz before the gruff vocals of Adam Cahoon drop in, the song goes between Feel the Darkness era Poison Idea brawn to a a fiery guitar solo at the 1:20 mark. It's top notch and prove why Wiccans remain one of the most admired bands in hardcore punk.

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