40 People Were Arrested and Charged With Drug Offenses at Australia's Subsonic Music Festival

Twenty people were arrested on the first day of the festival.
December 4, 2016, 11:49pm
Photo via Pixabay.

Forty people were charged with drug-related offenses during the first two days of the Subsonic Music Festival in Monkerai, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. The charges were the result of a police operation that included drug-sniffing dogs patrolling the festival grounds from Friday to Sunday.

Seventeen people were arrested on Friday and charged with possession of illicit drugs. Three additional people were charged with supplying a prohibited drug. Twenty additional people were arrested on Saturday. There have been no reports that arrests were made today.

Scheduled performers at this year's Subsonic Music Festival include Seth Troxler, Ben UFO and Machinedrum. In November, we reported that thousands of free drug-testing kits would be made available at summer music festivals throughout Australia.