Grimes Shares Seven New Music Videos Recorded in Europe on Tour

Los Angeles musician HANA and her brother Mac Boucher also worked on the clips.
October 5, 2016, 8:34pm

Restless experimental pop star, Grimes, has shared not one, or two, but seven new music videos recorded on tour with Los Angeles musician HANA and her brother Mac Boucher. Four of them are for her own songs off 2015 LP Art Angels, namely "Butterfly," "World Princess part II," "Scream (ft. Aristophanes)", and "Belly of the Beat," while the other three are for HANA's songs "Underwater,""Chimera," and "Avalanche," off her self-titled EP.


The clips are available to watch separately or all at once, as "The AC!D Reign Chronicles {Director's Cut}." They were shot on an iPhone over a two week period in Europe during the AC!D Reign tour, according to a message Grimes posted to Twitter today.

.— Grimes (@Grimezsz)October 5, 2016

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