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THUMP Mix: Or:La

The latest installment in our mix series comes from a rising star on the UK underground.

The latest installment in our mix series, following entires from Legowelt, Rick Wade, and LIMIT, comes from Liverpool-based DJ and producer Or:la.

Orlagh Dooley, born in the town of Derry in Northern Ireland, is quickly becoming one of the most underrated DJs on the UK circuit at the moment, and one of those selectors blessed with the ability to really tell a story. You only have to look at her recent bookings—or past mixes—to see how versatile she is: just this year alone Or:la's played with the likes of Denis Sulta, Tama Sumo, and the Livity Sound crew. Never afraid to take a risk behind the decks, you're as likely to hear her smash through vintage Chicago house as you are skeletal post-post-dubstep. And while she might not have released much of her own material yet, we've heard a rumor that there's an EP on the way for Scuba's Hotflush label, and that she might just be starting her own vinyl-only imprint soon.


Her THUMP mix seamlessly zips from sinewy acid to Soundstream's disco cut-ups to a vintage slice of neurotic funk on DFA, via warped house-not-house and some good old fashioned Detroit clanking. Stream the mix below, download it on WeTransfer, then check out our Q/A with Orlagh.

THUMP: How are we meant to enjoy the mix? What's the perfect setting? Or:la: This one could go both ways, either on a Friday evening, with the sun setting on the horizon before a night out at your favorite club, or driving home after a long day at work.

Is synesthesia a real thing and if so, what color is this mix?
After Googling 'synesthesia', i'd say it's a strong lemon yellow—like a highlighter pen.

If you could only listen to one track from the mix on a loop for all eternity, which one would it be and why?
Syclops - "Where's Jasons K", without a doubt.

Where did you record it?
In my really small and long bedroom in Liverpool, where you can touch either wall with both hands at the same time!

Favorite moment of the mix?
Probably when the 4/4 kick hits in the transition from Mageko's "Alma Negra" to Octave One's The Neutral Zone… and you know it's party time.


Pearson Sound - Raindrops
Slow Life - Just A Little Beat
Soundstream - All Night
Schatrax - Restless Nights
Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance
Osunlade - Africa
Syclops - Where's Jason's K
Mageko - Alma Negra
Octave One - The Neutral Zone
Steve O'Sullivan - Voodoo Woman
Bookworms - African Rhythms
DJ Bone - No Sleep

Or:la is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter