This story is over 5 years old.

Did Obama Just Hint That He's a Secret Avicii Fan?

The incident in question took place at the US-Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on May 13.

Image courtesy of the Wikipedia Commons

President Obama has consistently proven that he has great music taste. His favorite song of 2015 was by Kendrick Lamar, and in August he joined Spotify to share two summer playlists with the world, featuring tracks by everyone from Mos Def and Joni Mitchell to Erykah Badu and Miles Davis.

In a recent address at the US-Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, DC on May 13, he hinted at interest in an artist a little less known for their… tastefulness. Elaborating a list of important Nordic cultural contributions including Scandinavian furniture, Legos, and Angry Birds, our president also brought up a certain EDM hero. "Some of us dance and sing to ABBA," he said. "…and Avicii." After finishing the statement, there's a noticeable pause as a he scans the room before going on to discuss heavy metal in Finland.

While his tone on the subject doesn't exactly evoke images of him ripping shots of Fireball at 4 AM to the breakdown of "Wake Me Up," he has definitely made it clear that he's paying attention to Tim Bergling's music. We wonder how he feels about the artist's recent retirement?