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Warp Records' Lafawndah Is a Wandering Desert Nomad in New Video

It's for "Ally," the second single off her debut 'Tan'​ EP on Warp Records​.

Iranian-born, Paris-raised artist, Lafawndah, shared a desert nomad-themed video for "Ally" today, the second single off her debut Tan EP on Warp Records. It features the eclectic, shapeshifting artist engaging in hilltop ceremonies involving dentist's tools, then itinerantly yet purposefully roaming through a baron land, and culminates in an ecstatic night time dance performance.

In a recent THUMP interview, the artist explained that her tactical, rhythm-focused approach to singing is "almost like arm wrestling." That sense of the heartily physical, determined pursuit in Lafawndah's work is perfectly visualized in the video for "Ally." In a recent Dazed interview she said this track is about "The potential of an alliance in what starts as a crush," and it's fascinating to see the muscular original track—produced by the artist alongside PAN-affiliate ADR and Teengirl Fantasy member Nick Weiss—come to life in the actualized journey depicted in the video.

Read THUMP's full interview with Lafawndah, and revisit her similarly stunning video for Tan's title track.

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