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DJ Bone Steps Up with this Slamming Exclusive Mix

DJ Bone just detonated your Monday.

For those of you already in thrall to DJ Bone's uncompromising take on tough-as-fuck Detroit techno classicism, congratulations. For the uninitiated, DJ Bone is a genuine Motor City legend, a selector and producer renowned for playing and making the kind of steely, pistoning techno that's enthralled the world since the Belleville Three decided to weld Kraftwerk to boogie records and changed everything forever.


This week sees Bone on a short tour of the UK alongside Dekmantel Soundsystem, as part of a package put together by Turf, that culminates in a Sunday set at this weekend's Bloc festival. Get ready for a night, or four, of total annihilation by slamming this on as you speed drink six espresso on this Monday morning.

The mix he's given us is monumentally huge. It bangs, thuds, thumps (had to) with purpose and poise. This is a lesson in the propulsive power of proper techno. There's no release, no respite and no relief. DJ Bone doesn't want to hold your hand. You're gonna follow him, willingly, into the depths of Detroit.

DJ Bone and Dekmantel Soundsystem are doing their thing at the following venues, check them out if you fancy a head trip:

March 12 - Fez Club, Cambridge
March 13 - Prince of Wales, London
March 14 - The Cellar, Oxford
March 15 - Bloc. Festival, Minehead.

For more information on the tour head here.

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