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Rizzla Flexes His Heroic Creative Voice on Latest Fade to Mind Mix

The fiercely political artist follows up his massive 'Iron Cages' EP with a stunning selection of queer Latin and Caribbean sounds in this eclectic mix.
September 30, 2015, 7:10pm
Photo Credit: Elvin Tavarez

When Rizzla's debut Iron Cages EP dropped on Fade to Mind earlier this month, it genuinely felt like another huge win for an artist not afraid to go against the grain of dance music. Not only was the EP named after the 1978 book by historian George Tekaki about racism in American culture, but when looking at the #KUNQ collective member's remixes, edits and DJing, you can feel how his voice has consistently played an invaluable role in the conversation about the politics of dance music online. It's obvious that Rizzla would rather quit than compromise his values, as bluntly evidenced in this recent tweet: "If I was 17, I'd be trying to figure out ways to ruin djing, not become one." So when the artist recently dropped his latest Fade to Mind mix, we were obviously stoked.


Perhaps a 40 minute canvas is maybe the best way to understand what a producer is really all about in today's climate, where single tracks endlessly push each other down a feed. So stream the mix below, which works with Caribbean and Latin rhythms and sounds in a distinctly queer musical voice, and check the tracklist after the jump.

Rizzla - Burning Boat
Rizzla + Blk.Adonis x Speedy & Lumidee - Sientelo Brown Bottle
Rizzla - Wreck Tune 1
Alkaline - Jungle Burn (Rizzla Bootleg)
DJ Andy - Un Doble Paso Dominicano
Dj Tempo - Dembow Instrumental 20
Rizzla x Lady Saw x Neptunes - Kill Superthug Dead (s/o Massacooramaan)
DJ Ken'zii - Mystique/Bwa Level
HitMakerChinx & DJ Aaron- Judgement Tune Remix
Rizzla - Wreck Tune 2
Rizzla - Airlock
Rizzla - Fanatico
Rizzla - Twitch Queen
NA - Claim
Rizzla - Black Jacobins
DJ Boozy Woozy - Life Is Music
Rizzla - Fucking Fascist
Hexxus #47
DJ NJ Drone - Syn Stair (Blind Mix)

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