Imprints: Exhume Music


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Imprints: Exhume Music

Uncovering hidden gems from the vast Toronto artist collective.
August 5, 2015, 1:55pm

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Name: Exhume Music
Founded: 2013
Vibe: Future beats
Location: Toronto

Beginning as a YouTube channel, Canadian collective Exhume Music has steadily built a following over the past two years thanks to its keen ability to curate new sounds. Home to a roster of forward-thinking producers including Shagabond, whose sophisticated synth driven melodies have earned praise from the likes of Bondax, Exhume Music seeks to promote underground artists. THUMP caught up with label founder Adam Bosley to learn about his inspirations, musical preferences, and the vision behind Exhume Music.


THUMP: Why did you decide to found your own imprint?
Adam Bosley: I wanted to create a community based on the chill, ambient music I was following. Listening to channels like Majestic Casual and The Sound You Need, I felt as though there was a void. Deep, instrumental hip-hop wasn't being acknowledged or posted. I started a YouTube channel and after our first 1,000 subscribers, I decided to expand on my vision. I wanted to help underground artists be heard across multiple verticals and get those sounds out in Toronto. After signing Shagabond, the label was formed.

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What was the inspiration behind the label name?
It's a little embarrassing, but the label name actually came from a scene in a zombie film. In the scene, the characters talk about how they want to cure the world and one of them says, "Someday, someone is going to figure out this whole thing and exhume the world." She later defines the term as reviving the world but is corrected by another character who interprets it as digging up something buried. I felt as though I was finding the hidden gems and essentially building a platform for underground, "buried" music.

What type of sound are you trying to cultivate?
We produce a diverse variety of sub-genres, including atmospheric sounds, progressive rhythm and blues, electronic, and Shagabond's own galaxy hop.

What's Exhume's next release?
The 25th Hr, "Overture", Off To The Future Mix (various artists), and About You Pt. 3 Compilation (various artists).


How would you describe the scene in Toronto?
The Toronto scene is very diverse. That being said, I think there is quite a void when it comes to performances for the music we're pushing. We are currently in the process of closing that gap through our showcase, Balance. Balance will create an environment where artists and producers can comfortably perform their own originals.

What's your favourite label that isn't your own?
BLVNT Records, ALWAYSPROP3R, Young Turks, Soulection, HW&W.

How do you choose which artists to work with?
I always look for a unique feature about their sound. I want something different, something that I've never heard, and something refreshing that pushes the boundary.

What challenges do you face running the label?
The biggest challenge is exposure. I think many up and coming labels experience the same difficulty when it comes to getting features and write-ups for their artists. It's a process, and we continually reach out to make more connections.

Do you have any advice for artists who are trying to make it?
Don't just create music that is trending. Be unique. Once you find your sound, go with it.

What sound do you think the music industry is moving towards?
That's a tough one. The music industry is evolving so quickly, and with SoundCloud and similar websites, you see trends come and go faster than ever. I've seen a lot of trap music and new age hip-hop. I'd like to hear something new.

What can we expect from you for the rest of 2015?
We're working on a variety of ideas, from a project with All In Eyewear to the Balance showcase which begins August 13. We're also continuing to expand our Off To The Future and About You Compilation projects. We constantly brainstorm new ideas, and when something clicks, we act on it. Stay tuned.

Exhume Music is on Twitter // SoundCloud // Facebook