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Take a Trip Around the World with These 4 Remixes of Kiesza and Djemba Djemba's "Give It To The Moment"

There's Toy Selectah from Mexico, Laura Jones from the UK, Kosmo Kat from Japan, and Cassian from Australia.

For their new project with Smirnoff Sound Collective, Kiesza and Djemba Djemba rounded up a wonderful group of producers from all over the world to remix their collaborative track, "Give It To The Moment," leading off with a very bouncy version by Nozinja just yesterday. Today, we're presenting the rest of the remixes from the series, including takes from Mexico's Toy Selectah, the UK's Laura Jones, Kosmo Kat from Japan, and Australia's Cassian.


As you might expect, the results are as diverse as the artists' zip codes. Laura Jones aims straight for the dancefloor with a stripped-down techno mix, while Toy Selectah offers an equally club-focused take with a blend of chopped up vocal and horns. Kosmo Kat, for his part, goes in on the looped vocals, and Cassian takes us on a trip straight to jackin' garage town.

Taken together, the package is a delicious buffet of eclectic styles, offering something for everyone and anyone. Load up your plate and enjoy!