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Seven Times DJs Broke Guinness World Records

Steve Aoki once held two world records. He doesn't anymore.
Steve Aoki once held two world records. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This Saturday (May 14), the long-running UK charity event Ride and Rave will host another of its events at the Stoke Park hotel in Buckinhamshire, England, where people trade in dancing for "spinning" gym bikes at a rave party. To raise funds for the UK-based charity Motor Neurone Disease Association, Ride and Rave's organizers are hoping to shatter two Guinness World Records, one for longest marathon group gym biking, and the other for creating the most energy from cycling (measured through special watt-collecting belts). To keep them going four resident DJs, including former Pacha resident Youngie, will take turns swapping in and out of the decks, as they attempt to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records.


This isn't the first DJ-related event to attempt a record with the famous record-keeping institution. To celebrate the feats of others, we've highlighted some of the current and former record holders from nine different categories.

Longest marathon club DJ-ing

Think you're blistering six-hour set behind the decks took the wind out of you? Try 200 hours. From November 19–27, 2014, Polish DJ Norbert Selmaj, aka Norberto Loco, performed a 200-hour straight set at the Underground Temple bar in Dublin, Ireland, shattering the previous record of 168 hours, according to the video below. For the marathon set, a medic was on site in the event that Selmaj suffered any medical emergency. He survived, though a brief power outage almost ruined his attempt (he survived that too). After the countdown clock hit 200 hours, Selmaj was given a gold-belt and wrapped in Polish and Irish flags. Not a bad way to end DJ set.

Biggest club DJ relay

Think a b2b is impressive? What about a b2b x 133. On August 9, 2014, at the Marina Barrage club in Singapore, 133 DJs swapped out deck duties over a six-hour span. An attempt to set an new record was made in Dubai last year, with 151 DJs performing at an ice rink. Though the World Record Academy has recognized the attempt as successful, Guinness has not. There's always next time!

Youngest DJ to perform in a professional club

Teenage DJs look like old geezers compared to this current record holder. At six-and-a-half years old, the Canadian DJ Brandan Duke broke the world record for youngest DJ to perform at professional club when he spun behind the decks at The Guvernment in 2013, a since demolished Toronto venue that once hosted Deadmau5, Carl Cox, and David Guetta among others. The now 9-year-old DJ performs as Dextrous One, and it's a name he lives up to.


Oldest living and still active DJ

In contrast to Dextrous One, at 96, the American radio DJ Sallie Hille is the oldest active DJ in the world, a piece of trivia hat-tipped by Guinness with a world record certificate. Every week in Marietta Ohio's WMOA, Hille presents the weekly podcast News For Seniors. While not a DJ in the music sense, the category could very well be filled by a music DJ someday…give or take 50 years.

Longest crowd cheer and most glow sticks at a show

These two makes the list as one because they were both usurped from a single DJ. At a show in LA in 2013, [Steve Aoki](steve aoki thump vice) was awarded the Guinness World Record for "longest crowd cheer" for a 3-minute long scream held by a crowd (defeating Ozzy Osbourne's minute-long record achieved in 2010. At that same performance, Aoki also broke the record for having "the most glo-sticks lit simultaneously" at a single performance. Only a year later, a crowd at the Drayton Manor Theme Park in the UK, gathered for the express purpose of setting a new record for "longest crowd cheer" (they did at 8:45 seconds). And the glo-sticks? That record was broken in by the record-breaking hobby group Indiana Fever and Fans, who in Indianapolis in 2015, lit 3,700 glo-sticks at once. Sorry, Steve.

Largest pillow fight

Swedish DJ duo Dada Life briefly earned the record for largest pillow fight after a show staged at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom where each participant of the 3,813-strong audience was handed a pillow before the show. Dada from 2013-2015 only to have their hard-earned record pounded down at an event hosted by the My Pillow company and actor Steve Baldwin, where 6,251 people gathered at St. Paul's CHS baseball field to amicably beat the bejesus out of each other.

Most top ten hits (UK) and world's highest paid DJ

Believe It or Not, Calvin Harris currently holds two world records, one for having the most top ten hits on one album with this 2012 LP 18 Months, the ninth single from it charted just last month. So it's no surprise that a DJ with a still smashing hit album is currently the world's highest DJ. It doesn't look like he'll be dethroned anytime soon, either. Harris's new single with Rihanna "This Is What You Came For" is currently at the top of the charts.