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Police Raid Results in One of Edmonton’s Largest Ketamine Busts

We doubt these guys are aspiring veterinarians.
January 29, 2016, 11:30pm
Courtesy of Edmonton Police Service

On January 21, police officers seized 1,789 grams of Ketamine, commonly referred to as Ket, K, or Special K, from a home in Edmonton, Alberta. They estimate that the stash was worth roughly $90,000.

Speaking to the Edmonton Sun Const. Lisa Dack of the Edmonton Police Service said that the bust was "one of the largest seizures the EPS has seen."

Police collaborated with an Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team known as the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit, who assisted the EPS in a several-week-long investigation prior to the raid.

Ketamine is painkiller commonly used for surgery on animals, but when taken by humans can produce mind-alternating effects. Members of the dance music community have cited it as a growing problem in the scene.

Following the raid, two men, Jonathan Letendre, 37, and Mark Semak, 29, are both facing charges of possession with intent to traffick.

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