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A Sound-crushing Gift For Squarepusher As He Tours For Ufabulum, Performing Tonight In New York

If you’re in New York, check out Squarepusher’s Ufabulum performance at Terminal 5 tonight.

As you can gather from the performance above, Squarepusher has a penchant for deconstructing sound and reassembling it into mathematical beats that seemed designed to blow your head back. We’ve delved a little bit into the hardware and software that allows him to manage the chaos, but truly only Squarepusher himself completely understands what’s going on beneath the surface.

That’s why Dr. Blankenstein hoped Squarepusher would be receptive to the the little present he build him in the hopes of handing it to the artist around his performance at this year’s Moogfest. Blankenstein (commonly known as Drew Blanke) is a circuit bender and instrument designer with a veritable arsenal of custom effects boxes of his own design. For Squarepusher, he built the Sonic Crusher, a souped up bitcrusher that sounds like it would fit well into his setup, with intense and thorough deconstruction abilities that can turn the human voice into the shriek of a robotic velociraptor (the Jurassic Park kind, not the actual kind). In the video below, Blankenstein demos the Sonic Crusher by running the audio from the last presidential debate through it. We’re certainly fans of augmenting the presidential debates, but we’ll admit that we would never have come up with something like this. Bad. Ass.

Moogfest was last weekend, so we’re hoping this baby is already in the hands of Squarepusher. It’s a stretch, but who knows, it might even make an appearance at this show tonight at Terminal 5 in New York. Either way, you won’t be able to tell because you’ll be distracted by a towering wall of LEDs that is the signature state setting for the performance of his newest album Ufabulum. Learn more about Squarepusher in our profile on him below.