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Lasers, Light, And Shadow Create These Illusory Sculptures

Jayson Haebich's Vector Space is a series of dazzling geometric light sculptures.

Everyone loves lasers. You, me, Jayson Haebich. Haebich is an artist who previously created a series of interactive laser sculptures that let users influence light through touch and movement. His latest project called Vector Space again uses lasers, but this time to create a series of light sculptures through the interplay of shadows, smoke, and light to give the pieces the illusion of solid objects.


Haebich says his work is often inspired by the light art of Anthony McCall and with this work Haebich uses openFrameworks to map out the complex compositions and trick people into thinking they're completely physical. "The main motivation behind these pieces is to use non-physical elements such as light and shadow as components of a solid looking sculpture." he says.

The pieces look dazzling, abstract, and immersive and create an alien-looking environment of space and form. Even though the compositions are actually quite complex, the simplicity of the end result adds to their appeal. "They are quite simple in design, I place blocks and columns throughout the room and then map these out with my laser software." Haebich explains.

"This enables me to create several effects such as having the columns stop the laser beam directly," he continues, "or have the columns cut the laser beam in certain spots which, due to the contrast of the very bright laser, creates very dark shadows that themselves look like they are made of some kind of physical object. There is also a smoke machine which makes the laser beam easier to see as well as enhancing the atmosphere of the space."