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Interact With A Website Using A Book

Waldek Węgrzy’s Elektrobiblioteka project uses a book to interface with a computer.

Elektrobiblioteka / Electrolibrary from waldek wegrzyn on Vimeo.

Have some pity for poor old paper. Once it was king of the world of communication, spreading human knowledge and information—but now it has to play second fiddle to a code of 0s and 1s. But its days aren’t numbered just yet, not when people like Waldek Węgrzy are around. He’s created a concept that utilizes both analogue and digital in his project Elektrobiblioteka/Electrolibrary.

The project involves a normal book, with pages and a book cover and everything, which also has an accompanying website which it interacts with once its connected to a computer via USB. As you turn the pages of the book, you interface with the website as videos and animations and links are presented to you, all related to the page of the book you have open.

You can even control the computer screen using the book by touching conductive parts of a page. While the idea might just be concept, it just goes to show that rather than replacing one with the other, both digital and analogue can live together in biblio-harmony.

[via PSFK]