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Watch the Senate Grill Trump's EPA Pick, Climate Change Skeptic Scott Pruitt

Pruitt will testify in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Wednesday at 10 AM EST.
Photo via Flickr user Gage Skidmore

Scott Pruitt—the fossil fuel loving, climate change doubting attorney general from Oklahoma who Trump tapped to lead the Environmental Protection Agency—will testify in front of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for his confirmation hearing Wednesday.

Pruitt's nomination has faced strong backlash from Democrats, who aren't particularly comfortable with putting a guy who has sued the EPA 14 times in charge of the agency he basically hates. If Pruitt is confirmed and allowed to take the gig, he would be "the most hostile EPA administrator in the history of the agency," according to USA Today.

"It's nuts," senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii told the New Republic of Pruitt's nomination. "The idea that the right person to run the EPA is the person who has made a career undermining it defies logic, unless you want to undermine the EPA."

"The American people are tired of seeing billions of dollars drained from our economy due to unnecessary EPA regulations," Pruitt said in a statement following his nomination last month. "I intend to run this agency in a way that fosters both responsible protection of the environment and freedom for American businesses."

Pruitt will go in front of the Senate Wednesday at 10 AM EST. Watch the video of the hearing below.