Weekly Horoscope: September 6 - 12

There's a new moon in Virgo this week!
September 6, 2021, 5:01am
Robin Eisenberg

Action planet Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto on Monday, September 6, at 8:19 AM—a force to be reckoned with! Things that we truly want to accomplish flow seamlessly with no one standing in our way. We’re not above taking the back route to get there, either. If someone is making suspicious moves, they probably are.

While skepticism can inspire our motives, we remain hopeful and in high spirits. The two most positive planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, make the most positive aspect, also on Monday, at 9:05 AM. This is an auspicious day! We’re indulging in our thoughts, dreams, and philosophies. This is a time of artistic inspiration, and to expand our palettes. There is more than you can imagine!


The Virgo new moon comes on Monday at 8:51 PM: This is the perfect time to set goals and intentions for things that need to begin or change over the rest of the year. This new moon will connect with unconventional Uranus, so we’re wiling to try things that are outside of our comfort zones or break out of predictable patterns. We’re making peace with the chaos and natural order of things, finding perfection in imperfection and an acceptance of everything once it’s been duly processed. Also on Monday, the sun harmonizes with Uranus at 9:28 PM, revealing how authority has worked with resistance groups. There may be a stasis between power and revolution, or a resolution.

There’s a Mercury retrograde in Libra later this month and Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow begins on Tuesday, September 7. Pay attention to conversations, purchases, and contracts that are initiated during the pre-retrograde shadow phase, since they’ll come back up again: First during Mercury retrograde, and again during the post-retrograde shadow!

Venus, the planet of desires, enters focused water sign Scorpio at 4:39 PM on Friday, September 10. Venus in Scorpio is attracted to things that are unusual and macabre. There is a willpower to Venus in Scorpio that is unusual for Venus, which usually likes to lounge and wait for what it wants. Venus in Scorpio, however, wants to control the narrative!

All times ET.


You’re zooming ahead in your job and career as your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto. This ruthlessness and vigilance is pushing you toward your ultimate end goal! You are leaving absolutely no crumbs. The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with philosophical Jupiter, bringing you closer to your partners through a discussion of politics and beliefs. You might find that you and your partners share a vision for the future or have goals in common that help your relationship progress. The new moon in Virgo brings fresh energy to your work and health. It’s time to invite a positive new ritual into your life! It’s easier to start a habit than it is to break one, so find space for something that you want to integrate over the next month.


While Virgo season is all about sex, art, and parties, a Taurus never truly stops working! Your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, bringing rewards to reap from your daily habits. Even if it looks like you’re relaxing, you’re actually putting in an effort just by thinking about what you need to be doing! The new moon in fellow earth sign Virgo brings you time and space to consider the ways you want to invite pleasure and happiness in to your life. You’re open to surprising yourself as the new moon harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of the unconventional. You’re ready to try something new, and to bring fresh dynamics to your dating life. Venus enters your chart’s house of relationships, which makes you consider what you value in a partnership.


You’re finding hidden pathways to go about securing shelter and other resources as action planet Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto, giving you a fierce ability to strategize when it comes to deep matters. Virgo season brings your attention to your home and family life, and the new moon begins a new chapter in those areas. This can be a time to throw out things that you no longer need, get new furniture, or change your living space in some way. In any case, you’re organizing your space! The sun harmonizes with Uranus, the planet of the unconventional, which might find you have trouble sleeping. Minimizing screen time and caffeine intake can help with an already restless mind.


Your mind is literally so powerful! You’re picking up on minor patterns in other people’s behavior as action planet Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of secrets. This can give you the strength to address things before they happen, to nip issues in the bud! You might also be reading deeply into something that seems a lot bigger than it truly is. The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with Jupiter, which can transform the ways you share affection. The new moon invites a new conversation into the picture as it falls in your chart’s house of communication and commuting. Get to know what you really think. You have a lot on your mind when it comes to the future—it’s time to brainstorm and research.


You have so much appreciation and affection to share as love planet Venus harmonizes with generous Jupiter. There is an open-mindedness about your relationships that allows for freedom and bliss! The new moon in your chart’s house of money and personal resources brings fresh energy to your finances. This is a time to set new goals for yourself, whether that includes donating money, giving away your unused things, or cooking for yourself instead of eating out. The sun harmonizes with Uranus and you’re coming up with novel ways to invest in your career and legacy. This is all going toward something groundbreaking and iconic. With Venus entering your chart’s house of home and family, you’re ready to make your living space more peaceful and attractive.


There is an ability to address and seamlessly confront deep-seated power dynamics in your relationships, love affairs, and creative endeavors as action planet Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of the unseen. This aspect brings a deep well of willpower, sexual magnetism, and strength you can harness. There may be some discomfort or growing pains as you confront things that have been dormant or have not received the attention and zest that they’ve needed to be flushed out. The new moon in your sign, Virgo, brings the necessary breath of fresh air to turn a new page. A radical new mindset is within reach. You’re up for something totally different as the sun and moon in Virgo connect with rebellious Uranus.


This is a big moment for your popularity, even though you’re cherishing your solitude and down time. As your planetary ruler Venus harmonizes with opulent Jupiter, there are plenty of opportunities to go on dates and socialize. You might be wary of spreading yourself too thin as Virgo season puts you in the mood to spend time alone. The new moon in Virgo requires you to be by yourself to process everything that’s happening! It falls in a secretive and secluded sector of your chart, bringing your awareness to things that go unnoticed.  While you have a lot of appearances to make and are interested in having fun, you’re also going to need some rest. It’s all about balance. Your planetary ruler Venus enters your house of personal resources, putting you in the mood to shop or refurbish items.


Your social circles become a precious resource as your planetary ruler Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of hidden resources. You’re able to move in such a way that inspires communities to support you. You may be on the lookout for ulterior motives yourself. The planet of love and money, Venus, harmonizes with Jupiter, cluing you into a hidden pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The new moon in your house of community and social networks invites new figures and collectives into your life. You’re excited to step onto the scene! The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters your sign, making you more attractive and alluring, too…perfect timing!


You’re strategizing how to make your fortune as action planet Mars harmonizes with billionaire planet Pluto. You’re looking for resources in places that other people might not consider! The planet of love and money, Venus, harmonizes with your generous planetary ruler, Jupiter, giving you a wealth of connections and people to reach out to. You can make a very strong case for yourself—you have references and friends who’d be happy to depict you in a positive light! The new moon falls in your chart’s house of career, bringing a new chapter in your legacy. This is a time to showcase a new skill or idea that you’ve been toying with. You might just shock everyone with what you’ve learned!


You’re going the distance as action planet Mars harmonizes with power planet Pluto. You have endless determination and drive to reach as far as the eye can see. Harness this focus and energy to achieve great things! Lucky Venus harmonizes with opulent Jupiter, bringing an abundance of wealth and luck in your career. There are so many opportunities to make money and be at the top of your game. It’s hard to make the wrong move, but you might need to look out for the tendency to over-do things. The new moon in Virgo will keep you prude and stable. It falls in your house of beliefs, reminding you of your mission and why you want to rise to the occasion. It’s a good time to connect with your core philosophy and worldview, because things might be changing now!


There is good will to share as sweet Venus harmonizes with generous Jupiter. It’s the perfect time to tell other people how much you appreciate them. It’s also generally a positive time for you to share your ideas and vision with the world! You are able to get a better understanding of your values and beliefs. The new moon falls in a transformative sector of your chart, bringing some changes to your life. The things that fall away at this juncture will only create space for something better! The planet of love and beauty, Venus, enters a public sector of your chart, making you more attractive to the masses. This is a time when you can put your best face forward and have a positive relationship with your fans.


You’re reading very deeply into what other people are doing as action planet Mars harmonizes with Pluto, the planet of taboos. There are things that make you wonder whether people have ulterior motives, but once you talk about it, the cat’s out of the bag! The planet of love, Venus, harmonizes with your generous planetary ruler Jupiter, bringing you support in places that you didn’t even realize you needed! People have your back—it’s a protective vibe. The new moon in your chart’s house of relationships begins a new chapter. You’re ready to understand your partners, romantic and otherwise, with a more nuanced and learned approach. Idiosyncrasies that you picked up on can make more sense now that some time has passed.

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