Daily Horoscope: June 10, 2021

There's a solar eclipse today!
June 9, 2021, 9:00pm
Robin Eisenberg

Today’s solar eclipse in Gemini arrives at 6:53 AM, marking the start of a radical new beginning! So much information has come to light during this eclipse season, and we’re figuring out our next steps. We’re talking about our feelings as the moon meets chatty Mercury at 8:37 AM and the moon clashes with Neptune at 1:38 PM, stirring sensitivities. The sun meets Mercury retrograde at 9:13 PM, bringing important realizations.


All times ET.


The way you thought and communicated about things may never be the same after today’s solar eclipse. Important news may arrive. There’s no going back after a breakthrough!


It’s a powerful moment to reflect on your income and budget, thanks to the solar eclipse. You know your worth, Taurus! And you can’t accept any less than you deserve.


Today’s solar eclipse is in your sign, Gemini, and as such, you’re in the middle of a total transformation. You’re releasing old patterns and embarking on a new journey.


Unexpected messages and symbols are popping up in your dreams thanks to today’s solar eclipse. It’s a powerful time to connect with your intuition! What’s your inner voice trying to say?


A new and important cycle begins in your social life, Leo, thanks to today’s solar eclipse. You’re realizing special hopes and dreams for your future that you’re ready to start pursuing.


An incredible evolution is taking place in your career. You may be starting down a new path or achieving important goals during this solar eclipse. Your reputation is a big theme at this time: How do you want to be remembered, Virgo?


You’re understanding things in a new way thanks to today’s solar eclipse. Issues concerning travel, school, and publishing are themes for you at this time, and you may be at an important turning point concerning these topics.


Today’s solar eclipse is a powerful time for you to start fresh. Settle a debt, or offer or accept an apology—you’re ready to move on with your life!


Today’s solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new chapter in your relationships. Information is shared in a new way, where even if you’ve dabbled with the idea before, you’re understanding it in a new way now.


Mercury retrograde meets the sun, making this a powerful time for you to get organized, and the solar eclipse finds you changing your habits or your schedule in a major way.


Today’s solar eclipse in fellow air sign Gemini brings a brilliant new beginning in love and creativity. Something you haven’t understood is beginning to click.


A powerful new beginning takes place in your home and family life thanks to the solar eclipse. Mercury retrograde meets the sun, finding you revisiting the past in a special way.

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